We give service with a 100 year industrial and production experience of our ancestors for products such as BISCUIT, WAFER, CRACKER production (KESKİN GIDA SANAYİ A.Ş - UFUK BİKÜVİLERİ) and HALVA, TURKISH DELIGHT, CONFECTIONERY etc. Our company has gone a long way in MACHINERY MANUFACTURES, which is more than 10 years old. Our R&D work we have done has been successful. Our company has the principle of giving importance to the services after SALES as much as the importance that it has given to manufacturing and sales according to the principles of our company. Quick and more economic boiling system of the facilities below has been done successfully which has not been able to be done by any other companies in Turkey; Mainly for food sector, machinery manufacturing, R & D studies, Machine revision and renovation works, Your plants automation and integration works, New technology horizontal packaging machine with touch screen, Corn snack facility, Wafer factory, biscuit factory, bar cracker, croquant plant, Halva plant, Turkish delight plant, molasses plant, pomegranate production plant, You can also get help and services of training of formulas and technical staff, and services for production phases which are very important points from our company for all of the factories and facilities mentioned above.

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